Wolfe's Grove

Wolfe's Grove (sometimes listed as Woolfe's Grove) opened in 1933 on Sylvan Lake. Although the main attraction was swimming and boating on the lake, the park also had an assortment of rides including a merry-go-round, ferris wheel, miniature railroad and four kiddie rides. Other attractions included a large dance pavilion, roller skating, bingo hall, swimming pool, a kiddie playground and picnic groves. The grove saw many family and church outings over the years.

The park closed in 1965, and has been heavily vandalized since.

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Last updated: 5/24/2013

Fast Facts:

Name(s): Wolfe's Grove; Woolfe's Grove

Open: circa 1933

Closed: 1965

Location: Sylvan Lake, PA

Today: Private residence, some buildings remain

Trolley Park: ?

Railroad Park: ?

Roller Coasters: ?