Over thirty amusement parks once operated in Northeastern Pennsylvania, from large scale enterprises featuring all sorts of rides and concessions, to smaller picnic groves with only a few mechanical devices.

Like mining and railroading, the amusement industry in Northeastern Pennsylvania too has declined, leaving only one park operating in the 11 county region this site covers.

NEPALostParks.com was created to pull together the small pieces of each park’s history into one location, complete with as many details, images and memories as possible.

So, have your tickets ready, secure any loose articles, and step onto the ride that takes you back in time, to all of the great amusement parks that once dotted the landscape of our region!

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What's New:

6/28/2013 - NEPA Lost Parks is now on facebook! Stay connected and see when the site is updated.

6/22/2013 - Updated Harrison/Toby Park with additional information and images.

6/15/2013 - Updated Luzerne Grove with additional information.