Hillside Park

One of the last amusement parks to open in the region, Hillside Park operated for about a decade in the 1970s & 1980s in Honesdale.

Fast Facts

Name(s): Hillside Park
Open: 1970s
Closed: by mid-1980s
Location: Honesdale, PA 18431
Today: Unknown
Trolley/Railroad Park: No
Roller Coasters: None


Hillside Park got its start sometime in the 1970s as a small family-oriented amusement center by Jim and Eva Landers. The park was home to several rides and concessions, including a Ferris wheel, boat ride, whip, hand carts, various food stands and games, a picnic grove, and a historic carousel. The carousel was built by Herschell-Spillman and was a pre-1922 model featuring hand-carved wooden horses.

The park closed in the early to mid-1980s, and the park’s owners passed away in the 1990s. What happened to the rides, including the carousel, is not yet known. Two of the horses from the carousel may have remained within the family. The exact location of the park remains unclear.

  • Art of the Carousel, by Charlotte Dinger
  • Submission by A. Johannes


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