Update History

Below is a detailed listing of updates, additions and changes to the website in reverse chronological order.

06/22/13 - Updated Harrison/Toby Park with additional information and images.

06/15/13 - Updated Luzerne Grove with additional information.

05/21/13 - Minor format changes and corrections made.

08/04/10 - Some minor format changes and corrections have been made.

08/03/10 - Merging more of the old site together with the new site for ease of use.

06/01/10 - A new temporary page for Lake Lodore Park was added, with the intention of more fully updating it at a later date.

05/10/10 - Some minor format changes and corrections have been made.

01/07/10 - Added new page for Rainbow Gardens and Rumbles Grove.

01/06/10 - Added new page for Bernesco Park.

01/03/10 - Added new page for Hillside Park.

12/16/09 - Added new page for Harrison/Toby Park.

12/15/09 - Added new page for Luzerne Grove.

12/11/09 - Added new page for Happy Land.

12/10/09 - A complete overhaul of the design, structure and content of NEPALostParks.com has begun. Each of the parks will receive new pages with updates, a fast facts section, additional images (when available), and a better listing of sources. Until all of the pages are brought online, the basic structure of the old site will remain accessible from a link on the home page. Gracedale Park and Gravel Run Park are the first to receive the upgrade.

01/03/09 - Added three new pages to Rocky Glen Park, detailing the history from 1885 through 1914.

02/16/08 - Updated and combined About This Site and About the Webmaster pages into one page; minor formatting changes across the site.

02/09/08 - Added Lake Carey Park page.

02/06/08 - Updated Links, Index with PAontheGo.com links, other minor formatting changes.

12/02/07 - The eBay Store recently closed. The site is being updated to remove the links.

07/15/07 - Keystone Park page updated with a new postcard image and several minor revisions.

07/09/07 - Minor revisions on the Bernesco Park, Columbia Park, and Woolfe's Grove pages.

07/08/07 - Lake Carey Park moved to Confirmed Park list, minor format changes on most pages.

07/07/07 - Luna Park page updated with three new images.

06/08/07 - Angela Park Today page updated with thirteen new images; About This Site page updated; minor format changes on several pages.

05/06/07 - Angela Park Today page added with five images.

04/20/07 - Woolfe's Grove page updated.

04/02/07 - Added a page for images from Angela Park. The images were previously available before the recent update. New images will be uploaded soon.

03/31/07 - The Angela Park page has been updated.

02/25/07 - A page has been added for Rainbow Gardens, and some minor format changes have been made.

11/23/06 - A page has been added for Rumbles, and a few minor updates were made to the Evergreen Park page.

11/22/06 - The Evergreen Park page has been updated. Gravel Run Park and Hillside Park were added to the Unconfirmed Park list.

11/03/06 - The Columbia Park and Keystone Park pages have been updated.

08/30/06 - The Bernesco Park page has been updated.

08/28/06 - The Newton Lake Park page has been updated.

08/27/06 - The Laurel Hill Park page has been updated.

08/21/06 - The Harrison Park page has been updated, and the NEPA Defunct List page has been reformatted for a cleaner appearance.

08/20/06 - The major updating has begun! Pages have been added for Happy Land, Lake Carey Park, Luzerne Grove, and Moon Valley Park. The Valley View Park page has been updated.

08/04/06 - Some minor format changes made, added links to our eBay store from several pages.

06/30/06 - Moved unconfirmed parks to the main listing page; some formatting changes; re-wrote Toby Park page.

02/06/06 - Added a page for Lake Lodore Park.

11/12/05 - Added a map to the NEPA page to better show the area covered in this site.

08/12/05 - Minor updates to the site over the last week, and added pages for Hanson's, Northern Electric, as well as a site index.

07/21/05 - Minor updates to the site have been going on for the last week or so.

06/10/05 - Added Newton Lake page, updated the Links page.

04/25/05 - Added Luna Park page with 8 images.

04/24/05 - Added images to Angela Park, Croops Glen and Hazle Park pages.

02/12/05 - Added Lake Ariel Park page.

02/07/05 - Minor updates to the site.

10/18/04 - Updated current information for Angela Park.

07/28/04 - Minor updates to the site.

02/11/04 - Some format and coding changes, and added Links page
01/07/04 - Mountain Park updated with pictures of the site as it is today.

01/04/04 - Updated the format of the site, removing the frames, using a simpler one page format.

12/19/03 - Mountain Park has been updated with new information and pictures of the former park.

02/16/03 - The site was mentioned in an article in the Times Leader on Sunday, Feb. 16.

01/08/03 - A brief introduction to Rocky Glen Park was added.

01/05/03 - Angela Park has all but the last page up, and Gracedale Park in the possible park section now has a page.

01/01/03 - The new site at www.nepalostparks.com is up and running, with most pages transferred from the old site. (Angela Park and Beach Haven still have to make the move.)

12/10/02 - Croop's Glen is now on its own page.

11/17/02 - Harrison Park, Lake Winola & Moosic Lake now have their own pages. The story about Beach Haven was proved false, and was removed. A new section about possible parks was added, with pages of Sunset Beach and Toby Park started. Also, the new email address was put on all of the pages (nepalostparks@hotmail.com).

11/09/02 - Keystone Park is up, with four postcard images, and Hazle Park is up, with two postcard images.

10/06/02 - More work on the site, with the last main page (History of Updates), and Beach Haven park being added.

09/28/02 - After being down for some time because the last host disappeared without a trace, the site is back at Angelfire. The skeleton of the site is back, along with a few parks.

08/02/02 - Rocky Glen page removed, and the new page started. This is the next big project folks, getting Rocky Glen all updated and together.

07/27/02 - Angela Park has moved over, bringing the total to nine. I also created a page for Beach Haven, with information on the way.

06/20/02 - Fernbrook Park has been updated and moved.

06/17/02 - Two more parks are moved and updated: Bernesco and Keystone. The list of parks was reworked, getting rid of all of the links to the old site where there was no information.

06/12/02 - So far so good. Four parks have been moved an updated: Columbia, Evergreen, Laurel Hill, and Woolfe's Grove. Also, About this Site, Guy Behind the Scenes, History of Updates, and the Defunct Park List have also all made the move. That leaves most of the parks and the links to go.

06/06/02 - The move is on to our new home at www.WBonNet.com!

05/05/02 - New information added to Fernbrook and Hazle Park.

04/28/02 - New information added to Angela Park and Croop's Glen.

04/14/02 - Information on Columbia Park and Evergreen Park is now up. The postcards on the Luna Park pages have been thumbnailed to speed up loading of the page.

03/16/02 - The first page of Rocky Glen information is now up with a new picture. Shohola Glen Park added.

01/29/02 - Angela Park pages redone, Rocky Glen information added in list form.

12/19/01 - Spent some time at the historical society and found some new information. A recent email had mentioned Toby Park, and I was able to back that up. Toby Park, About This Site added. Lots of cosmetic work done as well.

12/18/01 - Beginning to change the background on all the pages... a more bland one, but should be easier on the eyes while reading the info. Also, lots of updates to the pages, the biggest being Bernesco Park. Smaller updates, like cosmetic changes and typo fixing also done.

11/17/01 - Ok... time to start this page up again. A good recorded history of updates might help out in the future, so I think i will continue it starting today. Some cosmetic work and some behind the scenes work has been done in anticipation of major update. I hope that over the Thanksgiving break to get each park its own page with at least a little bit of info.

09/07/00 - All of the listed parks now have their own pages, but I need your help to fill them up. Please send any information you have.

08/15/00 - The Luna Park & Hazle Park pages are open. Also just finished is the fifth page of Angela Park, and new information is now available on Mountain Park. Look for Rocky Glen Park to be one of the next updates.

08/13/00 - I'm currently changing the backgrounds of all the pages. I'm also working on the RCT pages... I've had a problem with my game, or there would have been some coasters and parks available for download. I apologize for the lack of material on those pages, I'm working to correct it.

08/03/00 - The Sans Souci Park page is now open. The other defunct parks will soon be getting pages. I'm working on a new update for the RCT pages, check back soon.

08/01/00 - "Grand Opening" I'm working on some new pages, specifically Defunct Park Info.

07/18/00 - Some major updates to the Angela park pages. I'm still working on the RollerCoaster Tycoon page and I'm looking to expand the site to include other local parks. Stay tuned!

07/15/00 - Some more cosmetic work and small changes, but a lot of work behind the scenes. I'm working on a RollerCoaster Tycoon page, and I hope to add some more graphics to make the site more interesting.

07/06/00 - Oops. Well, there were no rides at Gracedale. Oh well, at least I know why it was hard finding info about it. More cosmetic and *hopefully* an expansion is in the works, stay tuned.

06/26/00 - More cosmetic stuff. I hope to update the links and add more info around the site.

06/11/00 - Congrats to me! I graduated high school on the 9th, and I hope to have a lot more time to devote to these pages. Some updating of pages and cosmetic work is planned for now, and expansion of information and new pages should roll around soon.

05/24/00 - More expansion, more waiting for info. I learned about another local park, information will be up soon.

03/29/00 - Well, it has been nearly two months since an update. I have been incredibly busy with school, so I had to take time off from the site. I'm still waiting on some information, but there is plenty of cosmetic work to be done in the meantime. if you have any info, please email me. I'd love to know more on local parks.

02/04/00 - My apologies for not updating the page recently. I have been waiting for new info, but no luck. I decided today to expand my page to include all of the local defunct parks. Updates should remain regular. Site Renovated, New pages: Park page, Gracedale Park, History of MT, Links updated.

01/14/00 - Minor changes made. I'm awaiting some new information; as soon as I receive it I will post it.

01/02/00 - Pictorial History opened, Page 1 & 2 open.

01/01/00 - Official opening of the page. History of Angela Park, News & Updates, About Me open. Brief History, Links open. Current Project, Pictorial History Coming Soon. The site has a long way to go, but it's a start. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Enjoy!