Moosic Lake Park

Moosic Lake, also known as Moosic Lakes and Moosic Lake Amusements, was opened at the beginning of the 1900's. The park would become home to a merry go round, roller coaster, and dance pavilion, in addition to other rides and concessions.

The park closed in 1925 after a dispute between the owners of the lake. In 1938, a sherrif's sale was held, and all of the rides were auctioned off.

The area would later become a summer resort, but without any amusement rides. The main pavilion remained standing until it burned to the ground in 1962.


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Fast Facts:

Name(s): Moosic Lake Park

Open: 1900s

Closed: circa 1925

Location: Near Mount Cobb, PA

Today: ?

Trolley Park: ?

Railroad Park: ?

Roller Coasters: One