Lake Lodore Park

A park existed along the shores of Lake Lodore for a short time around the turn of the twentieth century, used mostly for picnicking and various outings. Originally known as Stanton’s Pond, the body of water was created in the early 1830s to be used as a feeder lake to provide water for the Delaware & Hudson Canal. Although trains on the D&H would bring passengers to the area for informal outings, it wasn’t until around 1900 that the Lake Lodore Improvement Company was formed to create a more official park setting. Brush was cleared from along the shore, walking paths created, and summer kitchens, concession stands, swings and seating were built.

Perhaps the largest draw, besides the refreshing waters of the lake, was a large two-story pavilion erected primarily for dancing. The 60 by 126 foot dance floor featured no pillars to obstruct views, with a balcony wrapped around the second floor for those wishing to watch the dancers. A carousel was also purchased and operated at the park as did a toboggan/shoot-the-chutes ride. Some sources indicate a roller coaster may have also been constructed for park goers to enjoy.

The park closed around 1915, and the carousel was moved to Newton Lake Park near Carbondale. Several years later, the park was used by St. Rose church in Carbondale as a summer camp, and was called Camp Coffy. The summer camp was purchased in 1935 by two individuals and operated as Camp With-a-Wind. The land was purchased for the sum of $700,000 by the Pen-Del Division of the Salvation Army in 1967, and continued operating as a summer camp.

The large dance pavilion was converted to an activity building and used for many years by the different camps, although it is no longer in existence today. The building housing the carousel is still standing, however, and is presently used as a dining hall by the Salvation Army, which calls the complex the Ladore Camp, Retreat, and Conference Center.


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Fast Facts:

Name(s): Lake Lodore Park, Lake Ladore Park

Open: circa 1900

Closed: circa 1915

Location: Southwest shore of Lake Lodore, near Waymart

Today: Part of Ladore Camp, Retreat and Conference Center; Carousel building still in use

Trolley Park: No

Railroad Park:No, but served by Delaware & Hudson RR

Roller Coasters: Possibly one