Lake Ariel Park

Lake Ariel has long been a destination for tourists, long before the first amusement ride was erected. In the mid to late 1800's, when it was called Jone's Lake, people looking for a beautiful shore and picnic area would travel by gravity railroad until 1895, and shortly after on the newly built Erie & Wyoming Valley Railroad from Scranton, which was built along the gravity railroad route. The E & WVRR would carry thousands of passengers a day to the lake over the years of operation.

In the late 1920's, amusement rides were added to the growing resort, including a carousel, hey-day, dodge 'em, and two wooden roller coasters. The smaller roller coaster had one car seating six riders. Park goers enjoyed the beach, waterslides into the lake, a tree covered picnic grove, and all of the latest amusements, located just behind the Lake Ariel Hotel. As many as 10,000 patrons would visit the park in a single weekend at the park's peak. Lake Ariel Park continued to thrive though the 1930's. During World War II, the park closed temporarily, and struggled after the war until the heavy snows in the winter of 1954-55 and Huricane Diane in 1955 closed the park for good.

Remains of the park and the roller coaster were visible for many years, at least until the mid 1980's. It is unknown if anything remains today.


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Fast Facts:

Name(s): Lake Ariel Park

Open: 1920s ?

Closed: circa 1955

Location: Lake Ariel, PA

Today: ?

Trolley Park: No

Railroad Park: ?

Roller Coasters: Two