Hanson's Park

Originally opened in the late 1800's as Lehigh Valley Picnic Grounds, the park was home to numerous attractions throughout the years.

The first amusement rides appeared in the early 1900's, and the park was known as Harvey's Lake Park by the 1920's. The park featured a dance hall, and likely a wooden roller coaster, as well as boating on the lake.

In the late 1920's, it becomes Hanson's Park, and is also later called Don Hanson's Park. The Speed Hound roller coaster was built in the early 1930's, and was designed by John Miller. It was 65 ft. tall, and was and out and back style coaster.

On Labor Day weekend in 1980, the Speed Hound had its last run. A main support beam in the structure was damaged. The park by this point was so financially strapped, there was not enough money to fix the coaster.

The park struggled on for several more seasons, closing in 1984.

The Speed Hound was demolished, and in the early 1990's the site became a site for concerts for several year, with the construction of an amphitheater. Today, several structures including the dance hall and some concession buildings remain.


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Fast Facts:

Name(s): Hanson's Park; Don Hanson's Park; Harvey's Lake Park; Lehigh Valley Picnic Grounds

Open: late 1800s

Closed: circa 1984

Location: Harvey's Lake, PA

Today: some remnants including concession buildings, dance pavilion/restaurant

Trolley Park: No

Railroad Park: Yes

Roller Coasters: Several