Gravel Run Park

Several visitors to the website have sent in their memories of the small Gravel Run Park, likely located at or adjacent to where the Hazleton Area High School complex now sits. A small stream nearby, Gravel Run, is the likely source of the park’s name.

No concrete dates for the park’s operation have yet been found, but it was likely only open for a short time around the end of the 1950s or beginning of the 1960s from the submissions received so far. Perhaps half a dozen rides were at the park, including a miniature train on a basic oval circuit, an oval go-kart track, and a circular carousel-style ride featuring European cars and trucks. The small, relatively undeveloped park featured no major landscaping or large rides. One reader also remembers the lack of picnic facilities and an arcade.


  • Emails sent in by R. Barnes, T. Brandau, S. Gorin, and “pcrich.”

Last updated: 12/10/2009

Fast Facts:

Name(s): Gravel Run Park

Open: late 1950s (?)

Closed: early 1960s (?)

Location: 22nd or 23rd Street in Hazleton, PA 18202

Today: Near or at site of Hazleton Area High School complex

Trolley Park: No

Railroad Park: No

Roller Coasters: None