Fernbrook Park

Fernbrook Park was located in Dallas, along the right of way of the Dallas & Harvey's Lake Trolley Company. It opened in the early 1900's, first as a picnic park. The park was home to an assortment of amusement rides including a merry-go-round, bumper cars, pony rides, a whip and an auto ride.

In 1928, Fernbrook Park advertised 18 big amusement rides for the season, one of which was their recent addition of a roller coaster. The coaster was designed by Herbert Schmeck and built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1926 and named Wildcat. For photographs of the Wildcat, click here. A second wooden coaster, known as the Giant Roller Coaster, was built in 1937.

The feature attraction of Fernbrooks Park was the dance pavilion, capable of holding 2,500 people. After the Depression started, rides were removed one by one until only the dance hall was left. The dance hall was later used as a skating rink, and later removed, ending the life of Fernbrook Park in the 1940's.

Offset Paperback now sits on the site, and there are no remains of this once beautiful Back Mountain gem.


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Fast Facts:

Name(s): Fernbrook Park, Fern Brook Park

Open: 1900s

Closed: 1940s

Location: Dallas, PA

Today: site of Offset Paperback

Trolley Park: ?

Railroad Park: No

Roller Coasters: Two